Are You Facing a Face-To-Face Challenge?

forcura logoWithout a doubt, one of the most talked about topics in the homecare and hospice has been the Face-To-Face encounter. After becoming a required document effective January 1, 2011 it has put a significant amount of pressure on organizations to attain these documents timely and correctly. Without any change in other documentation requirements (i.e. 485s and Orders) additional stress is being placed on the team members who are responsible for curating, delivering, and ultimately receiving these documents. As resources continue to be stretched, many agencies are looking for methods to improve processes around these tasks. Below are 5 actions you can take to improve your results today.

  1. Simplify the Document: Try not to over complicate the form and be sure the physician knows exactly what areas of the form they need to complete. Highlighting those areas with an asterisks (*) or bolding the text of the areas needing completion is an excellent way to draw attention. Ensure your form has a professional, clean look that includes your agency’s logo.
  2. Define Processes & Training: Taking time to detail out processes and documenting training are critical to identifying potential areas for improvement.
  3. Determine KRAs (Key Results Areas): KRAs measure the results which team members are held accountable for. Metrics will allow team members know how well they are performing and also are a great tool for upper management to measure the performance of the business.
  4. Gather Feedback: What are your team members saying? Why are your documents being rejected? What is the feedback you’re receiving from your doctors? This information can be extremely valuable to better understand what it takes to have these documents completed timely and accurately.
  5. Utilize Technology: Systems that offer automation of the processing of these documents are valuable tools. They often include reporting of KRAs, tracking of documents, and enable organizations to unify processes easily across multiple locations.

Despite no standard form for the Face-to-Face encounter or explicit guidelines as to how these should be completed from CMS, taking steps to improve your processes around these documents can have a drastic impact on your rejections and bottom line. What tools or processes do you have in place to help ensure timeliness and accuracy of your Face-to-Face encounters?

Strategic Partnership Provides Opportunity in Online Education

CEUCEU Outlet was founded in 1999 and pioneered many of the first home study courses with a focus on both mental health and medical occupations.  Based in Olathe KS, CEU’s goal is to provide professionals the tools they need to be more effective in the workplace as well as help inspire, motivate, and create passion.  Each course has been reviewed for compliance either by the IBCCES and/or state licensing boards to ensure that they are both current and relevant.

In September 2013, The Pincomb Group invested in CEU Outlet to help drive growth and position the company to compete on a national scale. “Since September we have seen exponential growth in online traffic and conversions.  The visitor rate rose 85.1% in the month of October from a year earlier.”  Said, Lyndsey Herrman, the CEO.  “We partnered with The Pincomb Group for an Education Edge as they have proven success in that area.”  The strategic relationship also helped increase revenue in October by over 60% for an all-time record!

Through the partnership with TPG and subsequent growth, CEU Outlet has been able to add additional training material to their comprehensive catalog.  In November, CEU added 2 new courses to help medical professionals with the updated Fifth Edition, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  The “Competent Diagnosing DSM5,” is an easy to read guide that organizes information in the aid of accurate diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.  Additionally, the “Family Diagnosing and Violence,” course provides the identification factors and behavioral patterns that increase risk of violence and helps identify treatment interventions to target or eliminate aggressive behaviors.

The continued interest of professionals earning CE credits from the convenience of their home has helped CEU become a leader in the growing e-learning indusrty.   According to the Global Industry Analysts, Inc. “the world e-learning industry is expected to exceed $107 billion by 2015.”    Online learning is now a mainstream avenue for professionals and corporations to conduct training because of its reduced operational costs, flexibility, and simplicity.   Also, according to WR Hambrecht, “e-learning has also been proven to increase knowledge retention by 25-60%.”   CEU Outlet is perfectly positioned to meet the needs of professionals in this growing market and has a solid history of providing access to these valuable educational resources.

Forcura: Reducing Your Document Turnaround Time




One of the biggest challenges faced by home health and hospice agencies is getting signed orders returned in a timely manner. Any delay results in a postponement of payment that can harm your organization. With average turnaround times ranging from 14 days to over 90 days a large amount unpaid care can be trapped in your current processes.

Here are a few ways to reduce document turnaround time and receive them back faster:

1. Improve Your Tracking Process
Review how your facility is keeping up with outstanding documents. Is it a completely manual procedure? Entering data into a spreadsheet takes time and accuracy is dependent solely on the employee handling this process. If the procedure is neglected, the turnaround time can extend and be much more difficult to review outstanding documentation. Investing in a program that automatically tracks what is faxed without any additional information having to be manually entered can greatly benefit an organization. Automatic systems, like Forcura, eliminate the possibility of human error while providing a comprehensive overview of documentation.

2. Package Your Documents Professionally
Whether your documents are clean and easy to read is another contributing factor to how timely the document is returned. Because of their busy schedules, physicians cannot and will not devote a large amount of time to documents that are hard to understand or read. The less complicated and more professionally presented document, the quicker it will be returned. Users of Forcura have reported quicker turnaround time in conjunction with the barcode that is placed on the top of the form. The barcode contributes to an overall professional appearance and shows the physician that the document is being tracked and expected back quickly.

3. Consider Your Delivery System
It is also important to consider how the documents are traveling to your sources. Is it by fax, mail, portal or hand delivery? Many sources have their preferred method of receiving orders, and it is important to abide by their preference within reason.  Find a system that can offer the sources options on how the document is sent. With Forcura, documents can be tracked and sent through our system and will arrive on the physician’s fax machine. When they fax back, it will be automatically routed into our system. A single-login portal is also available to physicians who are technologically forward thinkers and wish for all of their post-acute providers to be on one network.

You’ve completed the leg work by receiving the referral from the source, do not lose the source’s business by not being flexible in communication. At the same time don’t allow your business to suffer the costly delay of dropping the bill to the insurance companies when it can easily be avoided.


iLs in the News

The patent-pending multi-sensory program was recently featured on Washington DC, Channel 5 FOX News.  iLs equipment uses sound therapy and combines psychoacoustics with visual and balance activities in order to help with conditions including: autism, hyper-sensitivities, language and auditory processing difficulties, as well as stress.

IBCCES Autism Certificate Is Meeting the Rising Needs in Health Care and Schools

In today’s world of health, autism certificates are becoming a high demand.  Autism Spectrum Disorder, is a health care and education topic that is garnering a lot of attention these days, and for good reason. The IBCCES Autism Certificate is earned by professionals who work with this rising population.  The world is seeing a growing demand for autism professionals that are trained to care for those with Autism.  We now know from experts such as Stephen Shore, that the brain functions differently yet has the ability to excel.

Applicants can now submit their university autism classes or autism conference hours they have attended.  This is the most affordable option that will fit anyone’s budget.  Successful applicants are issued a credential number that is valid for two years. International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) has two levels of autism certification that each requires 14 professional development hours in autism.

–  Autism Certificate (AC) is a non-degree credential designed for paraprofessionals, classroom teachers and other support staff dedicated to understanding students with autism.
–  Certified Autism Specialist (CAS) requires a master’s degree and two years experience working with an individual with autism.

Autism Certificate Standards Include:
1. Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
2. Continuing Education/Professional Development
3. Renewal Process for Re-Certification

“For us, these programs are opportunities to not only help the autism professionals career success, but to help them meet the needs of school compliance as well as demonstrate areas of specialty to those eligible to bill Medicaid” stated Lyndsey Herrman, CEO of IBCCES.


The Board of Directors
Ed Steinberg, Ph.D., Former Colorado State Director of Special Education
Bruce Wexler, M.D., Yale School of Medicine
Kevin Custer, Board of Directors, Autism Society of America
Myron Pincomb, Board of Directors, Florida Task Force Education 
Lyndsey Herrman, State Licensing and CE Compliance

About IBCCES (International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards):
IBCCES, is the largest independent credentialing and continuing education organizations with a focus in special needs and human services. The IBCCES is the accrediting body for the Certified Autism Specialist (CAS) and the Autism Certificate (AC) programs. Our certification programs recognize professionals in the field of Autism who have met predetermined standards in their training, experience and performance.  CAS and AC professionals live and work in the U.S. and more than 40 countries around the world.

Xcel Testing Solutions Partners with NAIFA

Xcel Testing Solutions has partnered with the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) of Jacksonville  to provide online insurance pre-licensing education for its member agents and agencies. NAIFA is one of the nation’s oldest and largest associations representing the interests of insurance and financial professionals.  ” We are very excited about our partnership with NAIFA – Jacksonville, with our corporate offices located in Jacksonville it was important that we have a strong working relationship with the local insurance and financial professionals.” said Xcel President and CEO, Greg Sinner

Xcel Testing Solutions is a leading national provider of online insurance education.  Xcel Testing Solutions utilizes the latest in web design technology and mobile applications. The content and course design was created by industry leading experts in the field of e-learning and online education.  From the user interface to the HD video instruction, rich online content, interactive assessments, engaging multimedia content and customized learning paths, Xcel Testing Solutions delivers an online learning experience that is a first of its kind in the industry.

To register for a course on their revolutionary Preparing People to Pass Platform click here.

Forcura Introduces New Features Centered Around HIPAA and Budget Cuts

forcura logo








JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Forcura, the leader in post-acute document work-flow, released a bevy of new featured inspired by the HIPAA Omnibus additions and the sequester cuts hitting the healthcare world. New features include more insights on an individual documents workflow and the ability to label by color.  “With the addition to HIPAA guidelines and the budget cuts everyone is scrambling to maintain compliance standards with less money. It’s a pressure everyone in the healthcare field is feeling” said Craig Mandeville, CEO of Forcura.

The increased visibility of a single documents workflow will allow compliance officers to be able to monitor the status of each document in half the time.  A user can view who sent it out, how long it has been pending completion and how many times it has been resent to the recipient all within one consolidated menu. These enhanced monitoring capabilities also provide an organization with an audit trail in the event of a data breach. For the daily users of the system, this features drastically reduces their time spent tracking and following up with outstanding documents. Their time can then be reallocated to patient-centered tasks that add value to the business.  “When we first debuted the consolidated workflow menu we received a positive response from our users. They are thrilled that our system will now save them even more time”, said Corey Dreckman, Vice President of Client Experience at Forcura.

Another added feature is for the users to color tag documents based on their organizations rules. Color tags are created and managed by a person with administrative rights, but can be used by any user to label documents. Clients are using the colors to label form type such as orders, labs or 485’s or by urgency level. Once the document is labeled, viewers can conveniently understand its status or type before opening it up for viewing. This feature makes organizations a breeze and saves the users the time of opening up a document repeatedly to view it.

These enhancements are only a small addition the host of features currently boasted by Forcura’s software all geared to cut cost and streamline processes.

About Forcura

Forcura’s software is a highly customizable document workflow solution for post-acute providers. The software gives the healthcare providers the ability to communicate with their clients from any mobile device, while improving operational efficiencies and increasing revenues. Forcura is more than a software company; it offers superior service to its clients while maintaining lasting relationships. For more information, please visit forcura.com

IBCCES Acquires IIES and Names Lyndsey Herrman as CEO

Acquisition creates the largest independent credentialing and continuing education organization for professionals in the fields of human services and special needs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., September 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards, better known as IBCCES, today announced that it has acquired the International Institute of Educational Standards (IIES). IBCCES serves a global community of autism experts and provides objective standards for certification.  IIES has built a reputation as the leading credentialing and certification organization for professionals in the field of autism. The acquisition of IIES allows IBCCES to take its place as the largest and most prestigious source for credentialing and certifications for professionals specializing in special education and specifically autism support fields.

Lyndsey Herrman will serve as Chief Executive Officer of the newly merged company. Formerly the CEO of IIES, Herrman brings a wealth of experience to the corporate table and is a recognized leader in licensing and certification in the continuing education community. The Chairman of the Board for IBCCES, Myron Pincomb, stated, “We have great confidence that Lyndsey’s experience and leadership skills will help our organization change the lives of those with autism.” Pincomb went on to praise Herrman as a “seasoned executive who has been immersed in the fields of licensing, credentialing and continuing education for the past decade.” Herrman also expressed her enthusiasm for her new position, stating, “I’m privileged to have the opportunity to lead an organization with a rich passion for special education.”

The two primary certifications provided by IBCCES are the Certified Autism Specialist (CAS) and the Autism Certificate (AC) programs. To achieve these certifications, educational professionals must meet stringent eligibility requirements:

• For CAS certification, applicants must have completed a master’s degree program in special education or in a related field, must have two years of experience working in the with special needs students and must maintain 14 continuing education units in autism-related subjects every two years to retain certification.
• For AC certification, applicants must maintain 14 continuing education units in autism-related subjects each two years and must currently be working in an educational environment or attending classes at university in the educational field.

IBCCES will continue to serve the educational community with certification and credentialing for professionals in the autism field to ensure the highest standards in this critical educational area.


IBCCES, is the largest independent credentialing and continuing education organizations with a focus in special needs and human services. The IBCCES is the accrediting body for the Certified Autism Specialist (CAS) and the Autism Certificate (AC) programs. Our certification programs recognize professionals in the field of Autism who have met predetermined standards in their training, experience and performance.  CAS and AC professionals live and work in the U.S. and more than 40 countries around the world.

Myron Appointed to The Board of Governors Online Learning Taskforce

In June The Board of Governors appointed Myron Pincomb to the Florida Online Learning Taskforce.  This special taskforce was established by the legislature to develop a state level plan for online education in Florida. Over the next 9-12 months he will get the opportunity to work closely with a handful of educational leaders from around the state to shape the future of online learning in Florida’s 12 Universities, 28 State Colleges and nearly 4000 K-12 schools. Once the taskforce is complete it will deliver a comprehensive 10 year plan to the governor for approval.  Many experts in the industry believe online learning will change education in much the same way the iPod changed the music industry.

Preparing People to Pass – The First Time

Jacksonville Florida, June 25, 2013:  The Pincomb Group, a leading business private equity and advisory firm is excited to announce the success of the Preparing People to Pass Platform from one of their portfolio clients Xcel Testing Solutions.

Xcel Testing Solutions is a leader in online testing solutions for insurance pre-licensing education. Their patent pending Preparing People to Pass platform, gives students the ability to customize their learning path allowing each student to grasp difficult concepts based on their individual needs.

The pre-licensing exam is a non-negotiable hurdle that stands between a potential candidate and a position with a reputable insurance company. Insurance agents are currently licensed by the state or states in which they’ll be selling insurance, the bad news is that the current national pass rate is only 54%. This causes high turnover and hiring costs in the insurance agency industry.

The good news however is that Xcel has been able to greatly reduce that number with their new innovative solution, Preparing People to Pass Platform. They are able to get an astounding 71% first-time pass rate. Greg Sinner, CEO of Xcel Testing Solutions, credits much of their success to their interactive and engaging online platform that is also mobile ready, saying “We keep our students on track with friendly reminders and always have somebody available if they need help or have any questions. This factor combined with the ease online learning has allowed our partner agencies to see large increase in pass rates for potential candidates, which in turn lowers cost of hiring and the employee turnover rate.”

Another key factor in Xcel’s success has been their reduction in the drop-out rate. “Many Agencies don’t consider how many candidates give up before even completing the course,” commented Greg Sinner. They only focus on passing rate.  The national average drop-out rate is 40% while Xcel’s drop-out rate is only 26%. Because of the intuitive and engaging design of their platform students not only have a much higher pass rate but also lower drop-out rate which equals more qualified and licensed candidates for insurance agencies to choose from.

The 100% Mobile compatible delivery has proven to be a contributing factor allowing Xcel students to complete the licensing process faster which puts new agents in the field writing business 3-5 times faster than their competitors that use more traditional methods of training. “We hire 40-50 new agents each month and we now have agents in the field making money sooner, which has increased our agent retention by 30%.  We estimate the opportunity gain of using the new platform to be as much as $10K per new hire” – American Income Life Agency Director

The Pincomb Group, with many years of experience in the online learning industry, has helped Xcel stay on the cutting edge of online learning within their industry, including expanding their online learning solution to a mobile platform that will allow users to access classes on the go.

About the Pincomb Group

At The Pincomb Group our drive for innovation has allowed us to create something completely different. We combine the strategic thinking of a consulting firm with the execution and experience of proven leaders to provide our clients with the tools and leadership they need to achieve extraordinary success.


We solve problems, operationalize solutions to drive results, and ultimately drive growth and profitability in organizations.  Our clients include companies from early-stage through all stages of development.

Based on the individual needs of our clients we function as executives, investors, board members and advisors. This combination of entrepreneurial, operating, investing and advisory experience enables us to provide our clients with much more than sound advice – we deliver results.