Project 2014

Training & Developing 21st Century Teachers at our STEM Academy in Ghana, West Africa

Girls For Africa began a life-changing project in 2013: We built a STEM Academy on the outskirts of Accra, Ghana. This STEM Academy is surrounded by third world poverty in every direction, and it is one of the only schools in the entire country with modern technology tools. It is an oasis of education in a desert of ignorance.

In Ghana, the average wage is $5 US dollars per day and the average person eats one meal a day. Ghanaians live in desperate poverty, but you know the secret to lifting them out of this situation: education. Our goal is to educate the children of Ghana so they can compete in the global marketplace for the fastest growing sector of future jobs (STEM careers). During Project 2013, we invested $200,000 into the school building; installed computers, projectors, and white boards in every classroom; and conducted four full days of professional development for the entire faculty. Project 2014 will continue the life-changing work that began the previous year.

Project 2014 has three key initiatives:


School Bus

Can you imagine transporting 180 young children to and from school with a 16 passenger van? Soon Haven of
Hope Academy will be traveling to the nearby villages of Medie and Kotoku, making several round trips twice a day with a dangerously overloaded van that has continuous mechanical problems.

Girls For Africa is helping Haven of Hope Academy acquire a school bus. Since Haven of Hope Academy is growing, they desperately need a school bus to safely transport the students in the new STEM Academy.

Watch the video below to see exactly why this school needs a bus!


Complete Building 1

Project 2013 created a state-of-the-art school building at Haven of Hope that has brought the educational opportunity of a lifetime to a rapidly growing student population. Currently, we need $21,000 to complete Building 1 and make it a suitable learning environment:

•Paint the whole building
•Install water and septic
•Finish modest landscaping
•Finish four bathrooms

Watch the video below to learn more about their existing needs!


Teacher Training Team

Girls For Africa will bring a group of experienced, professional American educators to train the teachers at Haven of Hope Academy. The Teacher Training Team will travel to Ghana for a full week in the spring. They will provide a 30-45 minute workshop prior to school, and then spend the school day modeling Math, Science, and Language Arts lessons in the Haven of Hope Academy classrooms.

Join the Teacher Training Team!