Project 2013

Building a 21st Century STEM Academy in Ghana, West Africa

HighResGirls For Africa is pleased to announce that its inaugural initiative, Project 2013, was an overwhelming success. Lives have been changed, hearts have been touched, and the parentless and homeless children at Haven of Hope Children’s Home and Academy are receiving a substantially better education today because of the efforts of the Girls For Africa volunteers and supporters. Thank you to each and every person who contributed, whether in a small or large way.

Project 2013 was an initiative organized and directed by Girls for Africa to help improve the quality of life for one of the most under-served populations on earth. The focus of our project was the orphans and homeless children of Ghana, West Africa. Not only are these children parentless and homeless, but they live in one of the most impoverished nations in the world where daily cultural and religious traditions have hindered growth for centuries.

IMG_5208Project 2013 primarily focused on creating a world class education facility that promotes both academic and spiritual growth in a strong Christian environment. Over the summer, GFA brought ten families to Ghana to complete Project 2013. This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Academy has tripled the size of the original school and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in infrastructure, STEM professional development training, and support for the new academy.

Ghanaian laws require that all children attend primary school, which is similar to American grade school. Due to the poverty levels and lack of government infrastructure, schools are scarce in many communities and often the local community schools do not provide a quality education.Even in Ghana, where the school infrastructure is further along than in most African countries, it is expensive to attend a “free” school due to the cost of uniforms, supplies and in many cases, boarding facilities. A majority of children live in extremely rural and impoverished areas, where the hope of attending school is a distant dream to even the most intellectually gifted children.

IMG_1854Due to the efforts of many volunteers and supporters, Project 2013 has made a remarkable impact at Haven of Hope Academy. The STEM Academy has revolutionized the teaching and learning at this school, providing a true haven of hope in this impoverished land. The orphans and homeless children at Haven of Hope now have a large library, one of the best computer labs in Ghana and a Special Education classroom. In addition, each classroom contains state-of-the-art technology: a teacher’s laptop, LCD projector, and white board.This is truly a new school with the same focus: to help desperately needy children. Currently there are 250 children enrolled; each child receives love, meals, and a great education.


Although the building is complete, Haven of Hope still needs these items to be completed:

•Paint for the whole building
•Installation of water and septic
•Finishing of modest landscaping
•Finishing of four bathrooms

The total amount we need to complete this work is $21,000 Dollars. Click on the button below if you would like to have an impact on the lives of this small group of underserved boys and girls.