TPG Implements Brand New Neuroscience Program into 120 Districts in Just 7 Months

As both an investment and advisory firm, The Pincomb Group (TPG) plays a variety of roles in each of their portfolio companies. These roles range from attending a simple monthly board meeting with the leadership team to the full scale development and management of sales teams and product development teams.

In January of 2014 TPG launched – from scratch – the educational sales team for one of their portfolio companies, C8 Sciences.  Seven months later they successfully implemented the cutting edge cognitive cross-training program into over 120 districts in the US and Canada.

How did TPG take a new company and implement a brand new product into 120 new school districts in just 7 months? A combination of existing relationships, lazer focused sales and digital marketing strategy, and heavy reliance on data driven market intelligence allowed us to accomplish what most would consider impossible.

If you have a new product or innovative idea that needs implementation into the education or healthcare market let us know. We would be glad to help!  Click here to send us an email and learn more.

Incredible Event for Entrepreneurs, Founded by Jacksonville Native

Jeff Davis, the architect behind Plan the Attack, is a Jacksonville native and life-long innovator and entrepreneur.  Having started his first business at 15 selling T-shirts he then continued with his own skateboard company through college.   Jeff developed his abilities and creative talent graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design and then earning his masters degree in medical illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology.  Jeff and his company Legal Art Works, provide medical illustrations, computer-generated crime and accident scene depictions and other animated re-creations for clients around the country.  He has been featured in CNN Money, Fortune Small Business, The Business Journal, Florida Trend Magazine, and was named one of the top 40 executives under 40.

Fighting tooth and nail for his dream and business, Jeff worked every night and weekend for the success of his company.  Within a few years he had grown Legal Artworks to a national brand and continued acquiring new clients.  But the brutally long days and hard work eventually lead him to become stressed and burned-out and finally came to a head after his first child was born.  The next day because he was so entrenched in the business and involved in every detail, he was forced leave his wife and new-born to go back to the office…when it hit him that he need to readjust his priorities to focus on his family and what he valued most.  With this new conviction, Jeff drove to Amelia Island to remove distractions and was determined to not leave until he had hammered out the details of the life he wanted and how to get there.  He sat in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton for hours thinking about every detail of how he could improve through the next year.

The experience had a profound impact on his life and was the motivation behind creating Plan the Attack.   Having a strong calling to serve those around him, Jeff made a promise to himself to have a positive influence on like-minded entrepreneurial driven people in the Jacksonville area. With a stroke of inspiration, Jeff dreamed of how incredible it would be to establish a preeminent event for entrepreneurs and businesspeople to get together for an all-day kick-starting and planning event.  Jacksonville is poised with a great potential for growth and creativity and Plan the Attack is designed to create and help initiate people to move forward with their dreams and ideas.  Jeff has proven his talents and abilities to be an inspirational leader not only of his highly successful company Legal Artworks, but also through his ability to motivate others and help them realize their dreams.

Plan the Attack 2013 premiered at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club and was an incredibly successful event!  Organizations like Bright-house Insurance, The Pincomb Group, Heritage Capital Group, and many more, poured out a wealth of advise and knowledge to the attendees.  The local CEOs, executives, and businesspeople received direct instruction from people who have achieved actual success.  Attendees didn’t just learn theory, but were led through what it actually takes to make it in the marketplace.  Workshops included guidance in PR, marketing, networking, and individualized business designs and suggestions were created to make the next year incredible.

If you have reached a plateau or are looking for a competitive edge for your business, make sure to attend the 2014 Plan the Attack.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity of collaborating with some of the city’s most prominent businesspeople and leaders.  This all-day hands-on event will be the catalyst to propel your business and help you achieve greater goals than you ever thought possible.