Forcura: Reducing Your Document Turnaround Time




One of the biggest challenges faced by home health and hospice agencies is getting signed orders returned in a timely manner. Any delay results in a postponement of payment that can harm your organization. With average turnaround times ranging from 14 days to over 90 days a large amount unpaid care can be trapped in your current processes.

Here are a few ways to reduce document turnaround time and receive them back faster:

1. Improve Your Tracking Process
Review how your facility is keeping up with outstanding documents. Is it a completely manual procedure? Entering data into a spreadsheet takes time and accuracy is dependent solely on the employee handling this process. If the procedure is neglected, the turnaround time can extend and be much more difficult to review outstanding documentation. Investing in a program that automatically tracks what is faxed without any additional information having to be manually entered can greatly benefit an organization. Automatic systems, like Forcura, eliminate the possibility of human error while providing a comprehensive overview of documentation.

2. Package Your Documents Professionally
Whether your documents are clean and easy to read is another contributing factor to how timely the document is returned. Because of their busy schedules, physicians cannot and will not devote a large amount of time to documents that are hard to understand or read. The less complicated and more professionally presented document, the quicker it will be returned. Users of Forcura have reported quicker turnaround time in conjunction with the barcode that is placed on the top of the form. The barcode contributes to an overall professional appearance and shows the physician that the document is being tracked and expected back quickly.

3. Consider Your Delivery System
It is also important to consider how the documents are traveling to your sources. Is it by fax, mail, portal or hand delivery? Many sources have their preferred method of receiving orders, and it is important to abide by their preference within reason.  Find a system that can offer the sources options on how the document is sent. With Forcura, documents can be tracked and sent through our system and will arrive on the physician’s fax machine. When they fax back, it will be automatically routed into our system. A single-login portal is also available to physicians who are technologically forward thinkers and wish for all of their post-acute providers to be on one network.

You’ve completed the leg work by receiving the referral from the source, do not lose the source’s business by not being flexible in communication. At the same time don’t allow your business to suffer the costly delay of dropping the bill to the insurance companies when it can easily be avoided.


iLs in the News

The patent-pending multi-sensory program was recently featured on Washington DC, Channel 5 FOX News.  iLs equipment uses sound therapy and combines psychoacoustics with visual and balance activities in order to help with conditions including: autism, hyper-sensitivities, language and auditory processing difficulties, as well as stress.

IBCCES Autism Certificate Is Meeting the Rising Needs in Health Care and Schools

In today’s world of health, autism certificates are becoming a high demand.  Autism Spectrum Disorder, is a health care and education topic that is garnering a lot of attention these days, and for good reason. The IBCCES Autism Certificate is earned by professionals who work with this rising population.  The world is seeing a growing demand for autism professionals that are trained to care for those with Autism.  We now know from experts such as Stephen Shore, that the brain functions differently yet has the ability to excel.

Applicants can now submit their university autism classes or autism conference hours they have attended.  This is the most affordable option that will fit anyone’s budget.  Successful applicants are issued a credential number that is valid for two years. International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) has two levels of autism certification that each requires 14 professional development hours in autism.

–  Autism Certificate (AC) is a non-degree credential designed for paraprofessionals, classroom teachers and other support staff dedicated to understanding students with autism.
–  Certified Autism Specialist (CAS) requires a master’s degree and two years experience working with an individual with autism.

Autism Certificate Standards Include:
1. Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
2. Continuing Education/Professional Development
3. Renewal Process for Re-Certification

“For us, these programs are opportunities to not only help the autism professionals career success, but to help them meet the needs of school compliance as well as demonstrate areas of specialty to those eligible to bill Medicaid” stated Lyndsey Herrman, CEO of IBCCES.


The Board of Directors
Ed Steinberg, Ph.D., Former Colorado State Director of Special Education
Bruce Wexler, M.D., Yale School of Medicine
Kevin Custer, Board of Directors, Autism Society of America
Myron Pincomb, Board of Directors, Florida Task Force Education 
Lyndsey Herrman, State Licensing and CE Compliance

About IBCCES (International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards):
IBCCES, is the largest independent credentialing and continuing education organizations with a focus in special needs and human services. The IBCCES is the accrediting body for the Certified Autism Specialist (CAS) and the Autism Certificate (AC) programs. Our certification programs recognize professionals in the field of Autism who have met predetermined standards in their training, experience and performance.  CAS and AC professionals live and work in the U.S. and more than 40 countries around the world.

Xcel Testing Solutions Partners with NAIFA

Xcel Testing Solutions has partnered with the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) of Jacksonville  to provide online insurance pre-licensing education for its member agents and agencies. NAIFA is one of the nation’s oldest and largest associations representing the interests of insurance and financial professionals.  ” We are very excited about our partnership with NAIFA – Jacksonville, with our corporate offices located in Jacksonville it was important that we have a strong working relationship with the local insurance and financial professionals.” said Xcel President and CEO, Greg Sinner

Xcel Testing Solutions is a leading national provider of online insurance education.  Xcel Testing Solutions utilizes the latest in web design technology and mobile applications. The content and course design was created by industry leading experts in the field of e-learning and online education.  From the user interface to the HD video instruction, rich online content, interactive assessments, engaging multimedia content and customized learning paths, Xcel Testing Solutions delivers an online learning experience that is a first of its kind in the industry.

To register for a course on their revolutionary Preparing People to Pass Platform click here.