Pincomb Group Portfolio Company, Unveils New Mobile Platform

Jacksonville Florida, March 15, 2013: The Pincomb Group, a leading business private equity and advisory firm is excited to announce the success of the new mobile platform recently rolled out by one of their portfolio companies Xcel Testing Solutions

Xcel Testing Solutions is a leader in online testing solutions for insurance pre-licensing education. Their patent pending Preparing People to Pass learning platform, gives students the ability to customize their learning path allowing each student to grasp difficult concepts based on their individual needs.

The Pincomb Group recently advised Xcel Testing Solutions on adopting a mobile platform as well. “After an in-depth look at their Customer DNA we were able to guide Xcel in the direction of the changes in their industry”, said The Pincomb Group CEO, Myron Pincomb.

“By using The Pincomb Group Customer DNA solution we were able to quickly analyze the shift in our clients needs and rapidly respond with a solution that met those needs”, said Xcel CEO Greg Sinner.

The new mobile platform allows users to access a dynamic user interface from any wireless device. With the rapid changes in the digital age many e-learning companies in the insurance industry have been struggling to catch up. However, Xcel Testing Solutions has taken a giant step ahead of the competition in being one of the first to adapt to those changes, due to their in-depth understanding of their customers’ DNA.

The Pincomb Groups Customer DNA Blueprint is an in-depth analysis of your customer data that shows how each of your customers affects the overall growth and profitability of your organization. Each customer is assigned a simple numerical score that is an indicator of their unique verbal and behavioral effects on the company.

About the Pincomb Group

The Pincomb Group is a private equity and advisory firm. Our drive for innovation has allowed us to create something completely different. We combine the strategic thinking of a consulting firm with the execution and experience of proven leaders to provide our clients with the tools and leadership they need to achieve extraordinary success.

We solve problems, operationalize solutions to drive results, and ultimately drive growth and profitability in organizations. Our clients include companies from early stage through all stages of development .
Based on the individual needs of our clients we function as executives, investors, board members and advisors. This combination of entrepreneurial, operating, investing and advisory experience enables us to provide our clients with much more than sound advice – we deliver results.

A-V Mounts Sells 40k Universal Drop-In Ceiling Mount

May 9, 2012 — JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – May 3, 2012 – A-V Mounts has successfully sold its 40,000th Universal Drop-In Ceiling Mount today.

A-V Mounts has manufacturing facilities in both the United States and China. They sell exclusively through channel partners who include full service audio visual integrators, dealers and resellers. The value proposition is one that offers a high quality product that can be offered at a price point that saves the consumer money, provides good profit margin to the partner, and is sustainable for the growth of the company.

“The Universal Drop-In Ceiling Mount has shown to be one of the most innovative products within the industry. With its ease of installation and universal design it is no wonder why these have proven to be one of our most popular products.” Said Cy Marshall, CEO A-V Mounts.

The complete product line is one to be excited about but the signature Universal Drop-In Ceiling Mount has proven itself to be a best seller at A-V Mounts. This mount replaces a standard 2×2 acoustic ceiling tile which houses the mount and 2-4 NEMA standard outlet openings. In addition the plate has 5 different mounting locations so that projector can be dialed in perfectly.

“This product (Universal Drop-In Ceiling Mount) alone has proven to be the defining factor of winning big bids for us! In addition our clients love the finished product because it incorporates electrical outlets, data capabilities, and P.A. systems right on the plate itself. It has been a core product that has helped make us competitive within the education industry. ” said Walt Michley, Classroom Technology Solutions CEO/ Sales Director

A-V Mounts has been providing school districts all over the United States with a mount that offers a solution that doesn’t break the bank and allows them to protect their investment by mounting projectors in the ceiling. If you do much education work you are bound to run across the Universal Drop-In Ceiling Mount and if not the buzz around the marketplace demands attention.