Forcura Introduces New Features Centered Around HIPAA and Budget Cuts

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Forcura, the leader in post-acute document work-flow, released a bevy of new featured inspired by the HIPAA Omnibus additions and the sequester cuts hitting the healthcare world. New features include more insights on an individual documents workflow and the ability to label by color.  “With the addition to HIPAA guidelines and the budget cuts everyone is scrambling to maintain compliance standards with less money. It’s a pressure everyone in the healthcare field is feeling” said Craig Mandeville, CEO of Forcura.

The increased visibility of a single documents workflow will allow compliance officers to be able to monitor the status of each document in half the time.  A user can view who sent it out, how long it has been pending completion and how many times it has been resent to the recipient all within one consolidated menu. These enhanced monitoring capabilities also provide an organization with an audit trail in the event of a data breach. For the daily users of the system, this features drastically reduces their time spent tracking and following up with outstanding documents. Their time can then be reallocated to patient-centered tasks that add value to the business.  “When we first debuted the consolidated workflow menu we received a positive response from our users. They are thrilled that our system will now save them even more time”, said Corey Dreckman, Vice President of Client Experience at Forcura.

Another added feature is for the users to color tag documents based on their organizations rules. Color tags are created and managed by a person with administrative rights, but can be used by any user to label documents. Clients are using the colors to label form type such as orders, labs or 485’s or by urgency level. Once the document is labeled, viewers can conveniently understand its status or type before opening it up for viewing. This feature makes organizations a breeze and saves the users the time of opening up a document repeatedly to view it.

These enhancements are only a small addition the host of features currently boasted by Forcura’s software all geared to cut cost and streamline processes.

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Forcura’s software is a highly customizable document workflow solution for post-acute providers. The software gives the healthcare providers the ability to communicate with their clients from any mobile device, while improving operational efficiencies and increasing revenues. Forcura is more than a software company; it offers superior service to its clients while maintaining lasting relationships. For more information, please visit forcura.com