The Pincomb Group works with both early-stage and established healthcare technology companies to help them identify and achieve their goals and objectives. Our collective experience of building and leading education companies allows us to have a unique perspective to help our clients achieve their goals and break through to the next level of success. 


Investing in companies that improve the quality of life in the world in which we live

Advisory Services

We provide a variety of operational advisory services, ranging from intensive assessments to long-term advising of our clients.

We can help:

  • build product validation with industry pilots
  • build additional revenue streams for current products
  • improve your marketing
  • assess your competition
  • prepare to go to market plans
  • plan and execute sales strategies
  • maximizing profitability
  • providing access to external funding
  • playing active role on board of directors
  • connect with leading research institution

Long Term Engagement

Some of our companies are looking for more of a hands on approach. The Pincomb Group can assist in execution of certain parts of the strategic plan, or even step into a key role with the senior management team. Once we understand the goals and the visions of the key stakeholders and assess your company’s current status, we can then work with the executive team to define the necessary steps to build toward the next phase of development.

These steps might include

  • building and training a sales organization
  • lead research and product development efforts
  • major overhaul of your sales process
  • streamlining management organization
  • business plan development


In the long term, The Pincomb Group may also consider a personal investment in the company or provide access to external funding if needed. We have the ability to invest with our own fund or as a partner with several Private Equity and Venture Capital firms we have relationships with. Most of the companies in our current investment portfolio began as advisory clients and required additional capital to fund rapid growth. Over the years we have made several minority investments as well as outright acquisitions. What makes TPG unique is our understanding of and the ability to operate the companies we invest in.  We are actively involved in each of our portfolio companies, whether taking a role in marketing or business and product development, or, in rare cases, serving as CEO or in other senior leadership positions.